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Chapter Activities
In our FFA chapter, we participate in activities that benefit our members and organization as well as others in our school and community. Here are some of our chapter activities that we have done so far:
  •  FFA/Sr. Beta Talent Show 11/29/18: In the talent show, many participants showed their acts to the students and faculty of our school in an assembly during the day. That night, another show was performed for the parents and other adults that wanted to attend. The show was enjoyed by all who attended, day and night, and raised a lot of money for our chapter.
  • Big Buck Down Contest 09/22/18-12/28/18: In the big buck down, participants entered $5 a piece into the pot, and whoever killed the biggest buck got half of the entire pot. This year's winner was Bethaney Turner, who received $52.50 out of the $105 total in entries. See the pictures in the photo gallery!  


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